Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kindergarten and Pilates

Today I got to go to a real school in Colorado. I met the kindergarteners and they were so nice. They told me that their school mascot is the Timberwolf and it howls. A cool thing is that they wear uniforms here just like you do. I had to wear khaki pants and a red shirt tucked in with a belt! They also wanted me to let people in Louisiana know that most kids in Colorado cheer for the Denver Broncos (a football team) but they cheer for the New Orleans Saints because their teacher Ms. Baker likes them! They also told me that it snows in Colorado! Can you believe it! They said that I can go sledding with them if I am here when it snows!
After school, I got to do some exercise. It was called Pilates. I was on a machine called a reformer and it was really fun. My muscles are so sore now so I am going to bed!

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