Saturday, October 25, 2008

I arrived in Colorado

I arrived in Boulder, Colorado today and got to go shopping for some clothes. On Saturdays in Boulder, everyone wears black and yellow in support of their favorite college football team, the CU Buffalos (Buffs for short). I did not get to go to the game since it was being played out of town, so instead I got to see some sights. Today I saw prairie dogs for the first time! They are actually considered rodents(like mice) but they are so cute. They live in tunnels underground that are called burrows. I tried to peek in the burrow and I almost fell in. I tried to get close to a prairie dog to touch it, but anytime I got near they would make sqeaking noises and all of the prairie dogs would run into their burrows. It was still fun though!


kelseycat said...

Hi Flat Stanley! I am glad you are having fun in Colorado with Aunt Kristen(Ms.Baker)and Uncle Buck!

My class and I can't wait to see you! Have fun in Colorado and don't get too COLD!!!

Kelsey Thomas

kelseycat said...

Hi Flat Stanley tonight I am watching Incredible HULK.October28'2008.What did u do that night?

from Kelsey Thomas AKA kelseycat